Costa | Starbucks | Pret Coffee and Food Price Reductions by 15-12.5%

Posted 15th Jul 2020
I know this is in line with the VAT Reductions courtesy Dishy Rishi and might probably draw some flak, but hey cheaper coffee, now who doesn't love it:)

Good to see the big names passing on the benefit to the customers and not keeping it to themselves.

Pret has also confirmed it will pass on the Chancellor’s VAT cut to customers from today for hot drinks and Friday on hot food.

It means
  • A takeaway latte will now cost £2.40, down from £2.75
  • Eat-in tuna mayo baguette will be cut from £3.60 to £3.15.


have also announced a similar price reduction to pass on the full 15% price reduction to the customers - Source

And lastly so far, Costa Coffee have announced a similar cut too.

I will update the thread as we see more big names joining the cut.

Hope it helps someone.
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