Got one opening near us soon just wanted to know if it is worth the joining fee of £30?


    depends if you will buy stuff from there

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    What I mean is are there savings to be had on general groceries compared to tesco etc?

    You have to be careful, some things, especially electricals, are cheaper, as are some fruits, nappies, fruit squash and the like...but you end up spending a lot as most is in bulk. Tend to find that a lot of the stuff they sell is actually cheaper in the supermarket when on special offer. Best advice is to only plump up for the membership if you know you'll be buying something that's cheaper in there regularly. Sometimes they have discount coupons that are good value, but get you to buy stuff you really wouldn't normally buy...

    If you shop in bulk and like cakes , then yes.

    If not, then probably not worth your while.

    I'm a member and I love the place. You'll save your membership fees just buying their quality fresh meat. Yes they sell some items in bulk but a fair amount of single items too. They have also been doing special deals for around 6 months where they send you vouchers, but as a member the discounts are now taken off at the till.

    Their returns policy has changed a little over the years but still excellent. They will not accept credit cards but debit cards and cash are fine. Their cafe is cheap with great quality food and again if you've a few kids you'll get your membership back easily if you stop for something to eat.

    My advice, join.

    Also note that not everyone can join! Businesses, doctors or medical trade or proffesionals etc...Better looking on their website for the criterior!

    Dont do it, you'll end up fat and broke !

    My flatmate bought a card a while ago, because we had entitlement through the company. We went there together for the first use of the card, and, after all the excitement about this new source of srsly cheap food, we got in there, wandered around, bought almost nothing and went home feeling really disappointed. It was crap. Prices weren't bad, and they might've been slightly cheaper than Asda and Lidl, but if they were, it wasn't obvious. It wasn't like everything was a fifth the price Asda sells it at. More like a few percent cheaper, at best.



    What I mean is are there savings to be had on general groceries compared … What I mean is are there savings to be had on general groceries compared to tesco etc?

    If you are joing for savings, then I'd probably say no. Sure there are some things that will be cheaper, especially the offers, but generally the thing I liked about the place (I'm no longer a member though), was the great choice and high quality of goods on display. On top of this, the no quibble returns policy is quite simply the best in the country in any store.

    I'd definitely recommend visiting and looking round before shelling out for membership. But be warned, the place can be addictive and wallet emptying!


    Dont do it, you'll end up fat and broke !

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I'd recommend it. I go regularly and I always think I do well from it. You won't save a fortune but if you're looking for quality then it's well worthwhile, especially in the fresh meat department. You'll get butcher's quality meat at basic supermarket prices, but in large quatities. A large freezer is a must if you have a Costco card.

    Yes I would say go,it is worth it!Lot in bulk and be careful as been said lots of stuff will be cheaper in ASDA etc...Some of the deals they do are good but you would have to still buy more then you would norm 2 get these deals as a norm.
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