Costco - dry/wet cleaner?

Found 2nd Jul 2008
Has anyone been to Costco recently?

I saw a cleaner that runs from mains, where you can put in some water, and it can clean loads of different surfaces including wooden floor and carpet.

The price is around 29.99 but Costco members can get 5pounds off with a voucher.

I'm wondering what this product is called? I'm trying to find a similar product at another store like Currys/Comet, etc...

Any help appreciated!!
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I have one something like that is a hometek steam mop and they are absolutely brilliant even do the mattress, tghe water is not pressurised so you do not have to wait ot heats mup almot immediately with 20 minutes of steam. I have had 3 altogether, made a mistake with my first oneand put floor cleaner in with water - whatever you do do not do that - ony plain water otherwise will crack.
Thanks! That's the one!

Seems like Costco sells it cheapest - 24.99 for Costco members
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