Posted 8th Jun 2022
An interesting and relevant to this site. Channel 5 tonight at 8pm
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    I’ve always wanted a Costco card but I’ve never qualified for one
    Create a free monzo business account as a 'sole trader', and then take that bank card as proof
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    Always astounds me how people don't get the concept of cost per unit (ml, kg etc)
    I never look at the shelf price of most items. I always check the price per kg etc. It's the only way to shop properly (edited)
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    Its OK.

    Fantastic if you want to save your hundreds on a new tv or laptop.

    OK if you need to bulk buy something or other.

    Meh, if you try & use it as a Tesco Extra or any other big supermarket.
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    I used to be a member, but gave it up because I was spending too much in the store
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    i wud say yes if u near one but my nearest is 40 mile away so no good to me
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    If it’s nearby definitely good for fuel.
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    Ooh, I'll be watching this.

    When I first joined them last July, I thought many of their items were not actually cheaper than elsewhere. Particularly booze. Their curries, ready meals and fruit & veg selection also seem more expensive than the likes of Aldi/Lidl.

    I still have this opinion, but there are some noticeable bargains to be had there.

    Fuel is noticeably cheaper than anywhere though. Unfortunately I live in Swansea and the nearest Costco that does fuel is in Avonmouth (Bristol). The Cardiff store doesn't have a petrol station, so I have to be in the Bristol area anyway to make it cost effective to fill up there.

    The 5 year warranty on electricals is excellent.

    Costco's Kirkland Signature toilet paper is outstanding quality.

    Despite its negatives, I'll likely renew my membership next month.
    I don't shop in Aldi/Lidl, but I also avoid fruit/veg in general at Costco as it is no cheaper than Tesco/Sainsbury's.
    The ready meals are a bit expensive but they are finished in store and some can be good quality (used to have a good pasta bake, but the amount of meat was reduced so no longer worth it).
    Meat is comparable price to Tesco but better quality.
    Also I agree on the toilet paper being great!
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    I get membership for £16.80 from my mates main account.
    I save £150 a year on family favourite drinks, Their premium nuggets are great.
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    For a slice of pizza and Xmas mince pies that’s about it
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    Yes yes and oh yes !
    Petrol is always 2-4p cheaper than the supermarkets and 6p cheaper than petrol stations .
    Water and soft drinks cheaper than Home bargain and B&M .
    Then when the food items are on offer it great quality for the money .
    Most electrical items 5 years warranty.
    Parking spaces where other cars won’t ding your door .
    Wipes , toilet rolls , kitchen rolls ect far better quality than supermarkets and cheaper , but you need to buy in bulk . But I only go every 4 weeks .
    And the catering size Kitchen foil makes the Lakeland one which we used to get seem small in comparison. Buy the 6 packs of Sure deodorant too which works out way cheaper than Asda/Boots/Superdrug
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    I recently joined Costco just for the fuel savings. It is near my work and I will save over the year more than the membership fee. Howvere in the store I found it difficult to find bargains. Toilet roll is chepaer in lidl and aldi. The coffee beans were a good price, but only cheaper than coop beans as there was an offer on. But I am still ne wto it and interested to see what other people find cheap in the store.
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