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Found 16th Jan 2015
Do I have to be involved in a business to get a Costco Membership or can anypne get one?

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It's all on their site

Current or Retired Employee of:

Banking / Finance
Local Government
Fire / Rescue Service
Post Office
Police Force
Civil Service / Armed Forces
Medical / Health Service

Qualified as:

Qualified / Certified / Chartered Accountant
Chartered Architect

Doctors (MD) / Dentist / Optician / Pharmacist
Chartered Surveyor

Solicitor / Barrister / Magistrate / Advocate
Chartered Engineer / Civil etc


Current or Retired employees of a UK or USA Gold Company.
You may qualify as a current or retired employee of one of the many UK or USA Gold Companies. Please contact either Central Membership on 01923 830477 or your local warehouse to confirm whether the company you currently work for or have retired from is a registered Gold Card Company.


Employee ID Card

Employee Payslip/Pension Statement


Qualification Certificate or ID

A current utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 3 months

Or if you know a member (account holder), they can add you for £12 +VAT p.a.
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Why do they have this qualification rule? Anyone know? A little discriminatory if you ask me
don't worry too much about thinking they are strictly following these. If you are in any stable job and have id card take it along with utility copy and ask for membership. Make sure you walk in and not all over phone. Over phone they say strict etc bit in person they are fine. try it.
I rejoined after about 7 years back in October and the reality is a farce after reading all the qualifying criteria and rules. I originally joined when they came into my shop and signed me up so I for free..which they have since said was impossible because they don't do it.
Back then I wouldn't have joined if it wasn't free because I'd never heard of it and in fact they signed the rest of the businesses in the street up for free as well.
When I rejoined I signed up and paid in the galleries shopping centre in bristol where as long as you part with the readies ..£30..they freely admit that as long as when you go along to store you take identification then its fine and all you require is to have a picture taken for your membership card.
It was very busy on that first visit and they did nothing more than take names and addresses before issuing the cards.
That's if they deliver to your area.
You can also have one if you are shop owner or taxi driver
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