Costco now taking other payment cards - Mastercard and Visa as well as Amex from 6th Jan

Posted 2nd Jan
Just seen this in the latest Costco flyer - the will be taking Mastercard and Visa as well as Amex from 6th Jan.
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I’ve always paid for my shopping in Costco using a Visa debit card.
I’ve always paid with debit card
Sorry, should clarify, I read it as they are now taking other "credit cards". I've only been able to use debit or Amex before.
I know they are stopping my cash back on my Costco credit card great
This is because Amex has lost the contract in the UK. Amex will soon be withdrawn.

USA has already stopped taking Amex.
It’s about bloody time 😃
As usual, please use this with caution, and only buy things on credit card with the intention of paying it off. They are the cheapest form of credit, and spreading the cost of a major purchase like a new TV - but used wrongly, and they can be a stressful financial burden.
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