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Costco opticians - any good?

Posted 3rd Nov 2014
I was in Costco Glasgow yesterday but I didn't have my prescription, however I noticed some good prices on specs. Has anyone used them before? Are there any hidden charges? How much are lenses? Cheers.
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Afraid I can't be specific on prices but we find them excellent, both for service and price. My husbands lenses are so much cheaper than the opticians he had them from before,that it easily covers our membership fee (although not all the "extras" we buy each visit lol). My daughter has used them for glasses and found them to be very good and I had to go for an eye test after some alarming symptoms and they were extremely thorough and reassuring.
as is expected with costco, their service is first class.

however, if you're looking to buy designer frames, have a browse over the net first. I was going to buy some Givenchy frames which were £140 in costco, I had a quick look online (type in the code on the arm) and the cheapest price was £100.

couldn't fault the standard of the eyetest, though
Thanks both. I didn't check the code on the frame I fancied, will do that next time and take my prescription with me too!
Used Costco for some time and never had any issues and they were cheaper than opticians. However when I used contact lenses I did find lenses were cheaper on the internet.
Although I have not used Costco opticians I read recently that which rated them second, first being independent opticians.
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