Posted 4th Jan 2023
Like many I have a £10 off voucher to use in Costco (online).

Problem is I dont really need anything.

I'm sure last year people came up with great ideas of things to get just to use it up and spend very little.

Any ideas ?
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    I have no real suggestions on what to use it on, but where is everyone getting these codes from please?

    I’ve had no codes from them, minimal emails from them, and even their monthly brochure and magazine deliveries have stopped about a year or so back for me. Starting to think I’m on some kind of blacklist if loads of other people are still being sent offers!
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    Didn't get any voucher
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    Coffee beans don't incur a delivery charge, iirc.
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    £10 voucher was a BF offer - if you made a purchase above a certain amount you got a £10 voucher. I used mine the other day on the Melitta coffee machine that was on offer.
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    Looked into this and it works

    I bought "Dr Talbot's Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer" which is £10.99 but free delivery

    Added my code and got it for 99p.
    I don't of course need it specifically but always useful and NEVER leave money on the table.…000

    In short anything you can get free delivery on it will knock £10 off if you happen to have a voucher.

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