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    Hi im a member of costco and want to return an item bought on my husbands switch card, i was just wondering does anybody know if my husband can return it for me as their is a costco right near where he works


    yes if he has a card too.

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    no he is not a member we just used his switch card to purchase the item and i cud do with him returning it when he goes to work 2moz

    if you used his card to pay hes more likely to get the money back than you are!

    not true, your not even allowed to have guest use their own card other then the person who owns the membership card. So you will have to go in, it doesn't matter who's card it was paid with. You can have the refund back on your card even or get cash but a card owner has to go in with the receipt.

    u need to go in personally if your husband is not a member

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    Thanx every1,very helpful

    Just give him your Costco card. You walk in the exit usually to get to Customer Services anyway, so no card show, and at the till he can give yours, just explaining why,
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