Posted 1st Jun 2022
I bought a 58 inch Philips Ambilight TV from Costco in April 2020 which has recently packed in (panel gone but still has sound).

It’s covered by the Costco 5 year warranty and they’re sending out an engineer to look at it but expect it to be replaced/refunded.

However, the tv is no longer stocked by Costco and I notice it says the following in the T&Cs:

A member not wishing for a replacement may be offered a cash refund of the price of the item identified as a replacement as an alternative.

Anybody ever been in the same situation and what have you been offered if TV no longer available?
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  1. Toon_army's avatar
    I've been in a similar situation with RicherSounds, they gave me a like for like but I asked if I could put a little extra money in and get a better TV which they were happy to do.
    I'm guessing Costco will do the whole like for like if you're saying the TV is old stock
    stec77's avatar
    How old was that. Also did they refund you the same price you paid originally? Thanks in advance.
  2. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    I've had this happen to me. Years ago I bought a 32" ( ) Samsung which started playing up after 4 years. They send someone out to pick it up, to see if they could fix it (which I do believe they would if possible) but they couldn't figure out what it was. After that, I took the TV back to Costco and as it was an obsolete model, they just gave me a refund. I swapped it for a bigger, better, model.

    Costco are great like that.
  3. PhoenixRising's avatar
    Costco gave me a full refund when they couldn't repair my 70 inch Philips Ambilight. I bought the TV in November 2019 and returned in a couple of months ago.
  4. tom2kadd1's avatar
    Happened to me too, they just give you a refund
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    Good question did you find out
  5. harrythefish's avatar
    I wonder if you have to keep being a. Costco member to be eligible for these types of refunds.
  6. JHD007's avatar
    Hope our 58” ambilight tv also bought from Costco packs up soon’ I’m interested in an upgrade
  7. Mr_Troy's avatar
    I'd just like to say, I have the same TV and mine is 2 years and 4 months old and has the same issue (panel gone but still has sound -- and Ambilight)

    Won't be buying Philips again, I got mine on a hotukdeals link from BT Shop, unfortunately, it only has a 2-year warranty.

    I'll never buy another TV from anywhere other than Costco going forward, my mistake.
  8. johnnybgood's avatar
    Interesting post and responses - my 58 inch Philips Ambilight is having issues with the HDMI ports it seems and on two of them have completely failed and so I might have to call Costco soon on this. I bought Feb 2020. Though I am looking to get it repaired or replaced but given this model is no longer stocked I assume they will have to replace it for an equivalent? I don't want a cash refund as it was a great deal at the time and think the new equivalent is more.

    Also wondering if they expect you to still have the membership active but surely not.
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