Costco Tyre Purchase with a family members Membership card

Posted 23rd Jun 2022 (Posted 12 h, 8 m ago)
Could I order some tyres by the above method? They won't be able to come with me to fit the tyres at the store? I thought I could make and online only account to buy the tyre, but it is not possible. You have to have a full membership then collect the card then create an online account to order online. There are some offers for Michelin tyres which is far cheaper than asda/kwikfit/blackcirles.

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    Why not get them to add you into their account and you can have your own card
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    Just borrow the card, will be fine.
    Whilst there is probably a way around it, you are aware it is a photo ID?
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    When I did this, the card holder came with me to order and pay for the tyres then I booked an appointment and came back to have the tyres fitted. When it came to fitting, just the receipt was good enough so the card holder didn’t need to be present.
    Thats good to know, as i can ask the card holder to order the tyres for me.
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    I’ve had tyres fitted this week, I ordered online, warehouse contacted me to arrange fitting, didn’t show my card at all in tyre sales but I did need to sign fom
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