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Found 30th Dec 2010
Ive been to costco and quite like it , however im considering trying makro . Just wondered if anybody has been to both and can maybe shed some light as to whether makro is any good compared to costco ?

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am member of both , costco is far better , the quality of there products is far better
Its a bit like comparing Marks and Spencer with Netto
ok great thanks , saved me a journey .
It takes so long to pay and go from a Makro it is not worth the effort. Makro are never that busy just one school girl with a useless computer system to take your money. Makro still take credit cards but now charge you a pound. Costco do not take credit cards.
I thought Costco did take credit cards?

And Makro is just plain muck.

I thought Costco did take credit cards?And Makro is just plain muck.

Costco do NOT take credit cards.. though the other bit is right!

am member of both , costco is far better , the quality of there products … am member of both , costco is far better , the quality of there products is far better


I'm also a member of both, Makro is about a 2 min drive from my house, but I prefer to go to Costco, as it's much better in terms of product quality.
costco all the way
Not a member of Costco but agree Makro is pretty ropey.

Only worth the effort if you really need a giant barrel of mustard.
Makro is mainly just for trade but even we don't go there! For a cash n carry they are stupidly expensive for some things... Costco is great... especially for tvs, 5 year warranty!
Used both for 10 years, Makro prices are high now so dont go anymore. Costco is also alot more expensive than it used to be too. Still use it though as some things are still good buys.
Would only use Costco for the warranty now to be honest (even though the hot food isn't bad for a quick snack) I find that the supermarkets with most running offers now (BOGOF, B1G2F) etc are near to Costco in price anyway. In fact when the supermarkets run some really good offers you find a few small traders buying from them now.As for Makro not been in a long time but a colleague of mine still uses handy for some harder to get items like MR Freeze ice pops X)

Would only look at rejoining Costco if needed something big on the electrical front now, don't think it's worth the fee for anything else and remember though to keep the costco warranty you have to remain a member throughout it's lifetime.

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Makro always seems really expensive to me, I dont know how anyone can afford to shop in there. The only time we go is for something on Marko Mail. Or for the food.

Ive never used cosco so cant comment on that.
macro is free to join costco is like 25? a year

macro is free to join costco is like 25? a year

been to both and costcos wins handsdown even with a fee / year - the cafe alone is worth it - i love the massive pizzas they do for £7/ 8 , the cafe is well worth it if a little limited selection - yum yum
and they do loads of free foodie / drink samples if you go at the right time
their food quality is far superior especially fresh foods
if you get the flyer that has the special offeres of the month - you can get some bargins .

At makro everything is v expensive , but free membership

thumbs up for costco
Yea thanks again , i defo wont be going makro .
Although costco dont seem to do the bulk apple sauce that i require and also 10" paper plates which is a shame .
I prefer Costco to Makro simply because they often have US items in stock, I like the layout of the store, and they also to samples/demonstrations.
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