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Found 12th Sep 2009
I have the option of Joining Costco through my work, cost is £25. Looking for a bit of advice as to whether this would be beneficial for a family of 4. We would probably only visit at most once a month. What sort of quantities do you have to purchase in and what type of savings are made? Would like to know about other peoples experiences or views?
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Major savings dude. Drinks, crips, whole sale potatoes. Kirkland cookies are the best cookies out there.

Do it!!!!!!!!!!!! I command you.

Its great so much good stuff to be had especially if you got kids.

You get like a giant cake for £4.99 dude. Thats some major cake dude.
Get it

I have, Costco and Makro cards.
glad you posted this, I have been wondering the same
costco is a beast. so much stuff there but dont get too much! I AM OFFICIALLY SICK OF SNICKERS!
just one party and its worth it !!

costco is a beast. so much stuff there but dont get too much! I AM … costco is a beast. so much stuff there but dont get too much! I AM OFFICIALLY SICK OF SNICKERS!


Costo is a beast :-D
mighty mugger;6274543

+1Costo is a beast :-D

and i used to love snickers :-(

oh dont forget to get the massive box of nesquik milkshake powder thingy! tis a bargain!
So what does everyone buy there?

So what does everyone buy there?

Cake then Cookies.

Then more Cookies, then whole sale tub of ice cream baby. :-D

On a serious note ask your friends at work what they think off it and what they get from there.

So what does everyone buy there?

there is loads of stuff that you can stock up on they have electricals too.. there is heaps of stuff. do you know anyone that has a card? if you do then pop in with them one time and have a nosey. you can also give an extra card to someone else. not sure if they need to be family or not.
love costco, we oftern just go for the cafe for tea, pizza and jacket pot's are so cheap and yummy x
I dont think Costco is cheap.

But I do think the quality is excellent as is their no quibble Customer services.

Gave my card up a year ago. Just didnt use it enough. (2 or 3 times per year!)
Love costco.
costco is great but just check out the price of some of the food items as they will be cheaper in supermarkets eg. cereals. However 12 tins of John West Tuna for 5.69 is super value. So look carfully and you can save loads. Also a lot of the non food gooods are cheaper and if you do buy anything electrical it comes with a 5 year waranty and the TVs et are always the very latest models.
Costco can be good for SOME items. The Kirkland bottled water for example, and most of their bakery items. However, sometimes, there are better offers in the supermarkets when items are on promotion, so you have to be careful. I am a member, and would say it is worth the money.
I wouldn't pay it, but then i've got a Booker card. Supermarkets tend to have better offers.
Go for it - you have nothing to loose! Taken from their website:
On Merchandise: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund.Costco is first quality and guaranteed by a full refund from Costco and where available, is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
On Membership: We will refund your annual membership fee at any time if you are not fully satisfied.
We joined because of my hubbys' job a couple of months ago, and I did wonder if it would be worth it, like yourself. I've gotta say it is definately worth it IMO (3 young children too). Lots of bargain buys, that are far cheaper than anywhere else, but like others have pointed out, sometimes the supermarkets are cheaper! If your'e thinking of trying them though the membership refund should put your mind at ease - I didn't know about it untill after we'd joined. HTH's :).
they do the nicest chicken Nuggets They are huge and 100% chicked. You get a huge bag for about £7 and honestly 3 of 'em is like a chicken breast.

they do have some good offers on last time we went we got 48 Nature valley cerial bars for just over £9 they sell for 2.14 for 6 in asda!!!!

We often get soap powder when its on offer too. They often have good deals on pressis too my lad loves the wheres wally books we got there.

Oh and the birthday cakes are to die for! (lets not go on about the danishes :lol: )
love love love costco, halal chicken is the best ever so plump and tastes like chicken too not your usual supermarket rubbish pretending to be chicken!!
mince is great too, fresh free range eggs are a bargain too.
all i can say is get a card you wont be disappointed

agree with jb nuggets are fantastic value
You will get the money back just having the hot dogs! £1.47 for a Hot Dog with Soda and Free Refills!!
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