Costs for Royal Mail Return to Sender

Posted 5th Sep 2015
If a recieved, unopened package is "returned to sender" through Royal Mail, will the sender have to pay return postage?

I sold something on E-Bay, but due to an error, we have agreed to cancel the purchase. The original plan was for her to refuse delivery when the item arrived. Unfortunately, she was out and her housemate received the delivery from the postman (sent first class - no tracking, not signed-for). She has not opened the item, so to avoid paying return postage, she says she will write "Return to Sender" and put it in the nearest post-box. I'm afraid that if she does this, Royal Mail will slap me with the unpaid postage charge when it arrives.

I know if an item is refused delivery, then it will get returned for free... but what about a recieved, unopened item?
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You will be charged return postage I'm afraid... happened to me yesterday
I would pay the postage and get the parcel sent to you through the normal process as return to sender may get lost. I would also ask the sender to get proof of posting, which will be free. Otherwise she may claim to have sent the item back but then keeps it.
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tell buyer to go through eBay returns, its cheaper and tracked. you also get a choice of who pays for it.
a postage stamp covers the deivery and return to sender if undelivered so just score through the delivery address and add RTS in big letters and it will go back to sender (as long as their address is on the envelope).

Never had an issue with this and any revenue protection stickers are payable by the receiver but again never had this happen on RTS issue.

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