Cot bed + Mattress for my new born angel

    First of all, millions of thanks to everyone contributing to HUKD. I've saved some £$£$£ and enjoyed coming here:-D

    My baby girl is due today... :giggle: The biggest gift this Christmas. :santa:

    I am currently looking for a cod bed for her, and the best offer I could manage to find is from Kiddicare.

    Cot bed offer…369

    Any tips would be welcome.

    Happy Xmas :santa:



    Awe bless, best wishes for your forthcomming bundle, i have 4 angels (said sarcasticaly) and they are a joy,
    I was in my local Co-op (not the food one)and they are closing down,i saw cots and mattresses really cheap but i don't know if it is just a local thing.
    best of luck xxxx

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your info, (four? ) fizziebabes.
    I'll give Co-op here a ring to see if they are closing down as well. just kidding.
    Haven't seen one in Southampton. Or I haven't done enough shopping.

    have a wee look on this site x

    look down the left hand side and you will see they have bedding stuff on sale


    Dont think you find a much better deal than on kiddiecare

    I got the cot, saftey matress (which is £69.99 in Toys r us ) and everything else in the pack, sheets covers etc fot £89 about 6 months ago.

    dont think you will find much cheaper but will have a little look around.

    Ikea is a first thought though.

    get discount of
    £15 off £75 at using [COLOR=Blue]teleg87304 [COLOR=Black]or
    £10 off £50 using [/COLOR]INSPIRATIONS3[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Black]mix and match what you want[/COLOR]

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    ]] discount of £15 off £75 at using [COLOR=Blue]teleg87304 [COLOR=Black]or£10 off £50 using [/COLOR]INSPIRATIONS3[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]mix and match what you want[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    Many thanks fizziebabes!

    Will ask for more tips on 'angel' stuff...

    Thanks a lot.


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    thanks a lot.

    i've put an order on kiddicare £79.99 for a cot bed set. not bad. surely my little baby won't mind much. :-D

    Aaw - good luck with your baby.
    Hope she loves her new cot.

    keep us updated when the baby comes, we could have a fun comp guessing the babys name, birth date and time lol.

    i guess Sophie, d.o.b. 21.12.06, 6.40 am (only kidding)xx

    Original Poster

    :-D :-D
    Actually Sophie is one of the options. She is one day overdue now... Maybe just waiting for her cot bed to be delivered. :roll:

    any news ?

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    Merry Christmas to you all!

    The baby hasn't arrived yet.... She is 6 days overdue now.... :thinking:

    Having made the bed for her, now I am looking for a play gym and cot mobile.

    Thanks a lot!

    :santa: :santa: :santa:

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