COTC - Caption of the caturday

    PiratePete wins COTC1 with: Don't anyone say a word, not one word or you're dead...

    well here is the first caption of caturday. i will try and do this every saturday. basically i have a pic of a cat and you have to think of a caption for it. winner will be declared tommorow


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    winning image:

    [FONT='Times New Roman']I’m not angry, I’m catastrophically angry[/FONT]

    who said it was not going to rain

    All of your bases are belong to us.

    Just another 'fun' day with the kids...., next time, they're going in the pool!

    Next time, it'll be mine MUAHAHA!

    (In a p'd off slow voice) "Do you still think a wet pussy is funny?!"

    i just drowned the dog,

    you're next

    who left the flippin' toilet seat up ? :x

    Dam stupid place to put a paddling pool grrr !!

    Don't anyone say a word, not one word or you're dead...

    And you thought you were having a bad hair day.........pfffttt


    Emasu wasn't too happy with shower time:whistling:…ii/

    I'll get that fish next time.

    Go on - make my day!

    We are waiting with bated breath!

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    sorry about that In was suspended, anyway winner added to the title!!
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