Last week's winner was Ladymadonna with 'My finger is even fatter than your wife'

    Week 1 Winner: MrTooTough
    Week 2 Winner: Vimes220
    Week 3 Winner: Bellabonkers
    Week 4 Winner: Ladymadonna

    Who's it going to be this week?

    Caption below


    Original Poster

    If you emptied the bath I could use that!

    Toilet training wasn't going well for little Timmy

    helppppppppppp i put my foot in doggy poo,well i think its doggy poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:whistling:


    The Dr Who Budget Cut seems to have taken an impact!

    billys bathtime - the sinks too high - the baths full

    The flush was stronger than expected!

    "after 4 hours of crawling through the sewers dennis finally made it home."

    If you'd let me finish using the one in B&Q I wouldn't be crying now would I?

    f*** potty trainer, i'm outta here....arghh i'm stuck


    "You think Brad and Angelina will adopt me now??"

    The new "toilet activity centre" didn't go down well on Dragon's Den...

    Original Poster

    These are pritty good.

    "innocent toilet chocked to death by psycopathic toddler"

    Dad with camera says "I don't remember eating that......."


    Try and put me on the potty now!

    You won't beat me at hide and seek now!

    My Daddy said if I can get down the toilet I can go to the place where all the chocolate goes, i'm halfway there already :thumbsup:

    Damn, late again... how about

    "Little jonny was so upset by the death of his gold fish he decided to go retrieve the body "
    "Little jonnys attempt to terrify his parents by springing out of the toilet goes horribly wrong when his foot gets stuck in the u bend"
    "The all new powerflush toilet, will flush away even the most annoying sh1ts"
    "Giant Sewer rat pulls child down toilet"
    "It wasn't just the fact that little Jonney was using the toilet as a bath appauling, it was that he had also just used the kitchen sink to take a dump!"

    "I never remembered eating a small child but it does explain the constipation that i had been having"

    these caption contests are a load of **** ... well this one is anyway :-D
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