Could any adam and joe podast listeners help me out?

Found 7th Jul 2009
Howdy, if there is anyone on here who listens to the adam and joe 6 music show that has a relatively decent collection, i was wondering if there would be a possibility of uploading/swapping some of the older podcasts.
They are 100% free but the bbc only hosts them for a week and there aren't any reliable sites that have the whole collection on them. I myself have got around 70 out of the 75/76/77 (not 100% sure how many there are in total) podcasts, but thought some of you out there might have the ones I need, and in return I could swap for some that you needed, cheers.

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I've got every one since 08/12/08. Let me know if you need any of them

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Awesome stuff, there are 2 or 3 from christmas that i havent got, would you know of any way of sending them other than as a torrent?
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