could anyone help me? Internet problems...

    howdy, I've had this problem for a while: Every so often I simply cant access any microsoft pages or usually sorts itself out in a day or so but is extremely annoying.
    I use both IE7 and firefox 3 regularly...they simply wont load a microsoft page or let me sign in to msn.

    The error code is: 80048820
    with an extended code: 80048439

    I have unplugged my wireless router and currently my connection is an ethernet cable plugged from the computer directly into the cable modem, and it still persists.
    any help would be appreciated.


    Could it be a DNS error? maybe servers have been refreshed or something but yours still holds old address?

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    Thanks king261...but that was the first place i went, and nopes nothing there helped.
    on the msn troubleshooter DSN is ticked and appers to be fine, there seems to be a problem with 'key ports' though, but i have no idea what this even means...

    Not entirely sure about this in relation to key ports but a port is generally a way identifying which application should be used with the data that is being received so it may be that your computer doesn't recognize the port number or something. You should try looking up technical forums for more info on key ports as if thats been brought to your attention then it's most likely where your trouble lies.

    Are you on Virgin by any chance? We too have this- no internet access but email are OK. It usually happens after we have uploaded anything, but having said that it can happen at any time. What sorts it out for us is to turn the whole lot off at the mains (very technical solution:whistling:), leave it for 30 secs then turn it back on. Its irritating but does the trick.

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    yep, virgin here...I too have been having to do that trick almost weekly since i joined...but this is completely different; the general internet worls fine, just .NET passport sites don't seem to.
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