Could anyone point me to the best kodi type android box currently available

    Hi Everyone

    Looking for a decent kodi type android box that is currently available, a mate of mine has told me the Nvidia shield however I've seen other boxes (too many to mention) that have been listed on here on various sites.

    Can anyone suggest a decent one to that would be 4K ready and play games on it etc.



    Do you have a 4k TV and what 4k content are you going to use? The files are mental size what you have to download and Kodi has very little 4k stuff, most of it is 1080p if your luckly.
    The Nvidia Shields is an expensive box there loads of there for 1/4 of the price

    Nvidia shields are hard to get at the minute and out of stock all over. S

    HDR10 and 4K only on the below boxes.

    nVIDIA Shield
    HiMedia Q5/Q10 Pro
    Zidoo X9S

    If by 4K you also mean certified by Netflix/Amazon only the below
    nVIDIA Shield (the fastest Android box of them all)
    Amazon Fire TV2
    Xiaomi Mi Box (only available in US at present)

    Otherwise read the below recommended hardware for Kodi.…916

    My Nvidia shield is great. Stream 4k, Games from the PC and many other things. Well worth the wait

    fire tv box are very good for kodi

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    cheers guys for the replies, I haven't got anything 4K hardware wise I just wanted it to be capable when I upgrade the tv.

    ATM I would just need it to play all the 1080p mkv content and games etc.

    I must of seen around 20 or so of different boxes so just wanted to get a decent one.


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    Nvidia shields are hard to get at the minute and out of stock all over. S

    why is that?

    No idea. They have been in short supply for the last 2 ish months.


    why is that?

    They have made two FCC filings which everyone believes is for a new device to hit the market. Two theories are running the mill at present one of course being a replacement device is on the cards the second being another device at a different price bracket. Fuel this along with what appears to be limited production runs of the current device hence why we see so little stock it would appear to be a replacement device rather than another device in the line-up. Add in that a present nothing touches the current device in the market with specs so it appears to be a strange move when they are leading the market to bring out a replacement which makes others lean to the fact of another device in the line-up at another price bracket to compete with the lower priced MI box (only available in US at present). I'm siding with the thoughts of a replacement device because of what seems to be limited production runs (although Nvidia always had a habit of limited runs just look at the Shield Tablet which went in and out of stock very quickly having the side affect of creating demand and keeping the pricing up rather than flooding at discount price). Amazon did the same with offering the Firestick at reduced price, went oos another limited run happened then they announced the Firestick 2.
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