Could i get an ipod(any), straightners and a digital camera all for about 100?

    I want an ipod (not bothered bout style or anything), Some half decent straightners and a ditigial cam.

    Nothing glitizly or glam could i do it for around 100 give or take a bit x


    YOu're havin' a laff :w00t:

    an ipod shuffle a crap camera and the straightners shouldnt cost more than tht :thumbsup:

    but the shuffle is crap and noone likes crap photos

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    YOu're havin' a laff :w00t:

    i reckon i cud but i would have to plan everything hehe x

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    Shuffles aren't ipods they're just a generic player with an apple slapped … Shuffles aren't ipods they're just a generic player with an apple slapped on it.

    hehehe x

    Good luck on this one. Maybe try asking the shifty looking fella in the pub if he can do you a deal..

    ipod shuffle and some cheap no name straighteners and a camera possibly

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    lol x

    yeh you could. have a look for some straighners by head candy. ive got a set and there brilliant, cost me £20 from boots and there made in the saem factory as GHD's and in my opionion are way better as tehy have a heat toggle.
    as for getting an ipod, why bother, there are some really god mp4's out there that do the same thing without the need to itunes. ive got a 4gb curtis mp4 player, with expandable memory, got the same screen set up as an ipod, and that only cost £30. as for the camera,just look around, boots and asda have some good offers.and unless your wanting it for proffesional pics you shouldnt need one much higher than 6/7 MP
    hope this helps

    If you swap the iPod for another MP3 player, it can be done easily enough. Swap the MP3 player for an 8GB memory card for your mobile and use that as an MP3 player, and that'll be better still.

    £10 for an 8GB memory card
    £35 for an ex-display digicam out of Asda
    £15 for Vidal straightners

    £60 all-in, with pocket space spared too. Sorted.

    found these for you... if spelt hedkandi wrong in above post
    on ebay number 280384964137
    these are the slimmer version of the set ive got, but as i say, there brilliant, and ive got really long thick hair, and they work great on me.

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    =] ty very much hehe x
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