Could I use a now tv box with plex to access media from another house

    Basically looking to get a now tv box with plex sideloaded for my parents house and then set it up to access my media server at my house. Is this possible? I know you can put the network settings in when setting it up but just wanted to make sure you can access content remotely via now tv and plex.


    Yes you can as long as server is on e.g computer and you open ports on your router so it can be accessed from outside your local network

    Plex also works via Web too

    You need to have a good broadband upload speed for it to work efficiently otherwise the quality will be pretty poor you could use cloud storage but any decent amount of video files is going to need a lot of storage which will get expensive plus you have to get it up there which will take an age without something like fibre optic broadband.

    Make sure you've got some sort of VPN as well. Not sure what you're sharing but if it's copyrighted then you could get some flack if your media server gets caught. Lots of dodgy companies are constantly checking your network connections for open ports.

    ahhh plex!!! Love it hate it!! sounds and aspect ratio issues!

    sod streaming get a copy of the film put it in the player watch it enjoy it then move on!
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