could my livebox wireless connection affect other things

    I have a orange livebox and a wireless connection to the pc with the WPA connection. They are approx 11 feet apart. First - the link drops quite a lot although it connects back in pretty quickly.
    Could the wireless bit be affecting other things ie the signal on my mibile, the cordless land line and the dvd player. Trying to watch a dvd last night and it kept resetting itself. I cleaned the dvd and the player but it still kept cutting off. The landline today kept going crackly and quieter and I was on the net at the same time and quite often my mobile seems to have problems while i am using it (I havent looked at the signal strength while this is happening though)
    If it is the live box then can anyone suggest a solution - other than binning the box please.


    The Livebox should be using a 2.4Ghz wireless signal, there are other devices which use the same frequency which include digital cordless phones (DECT), bluetooth and wireless av senders. In my experience, I find DECT devices tend to cause problems for wireless network connections (they are simply unreliable) but I rarely find that the DECT devices have problems caused by the wireless network. I'm not familiar with the Livebox set up, on a standard ADSL device you have a microfilter which attaches directly to the phoneline and basically splits the voice/data from each other, without this you will get poor quality on your landline and dropouts on the ADSL connection. Most people have one microfilter but don't fit them to each extension line which can be the cause of problems for both ADSL and the landline.

    Any nearby wireless networks in homes nearby to you can also cause interference as most companies ship them with the wireless channel set to 11 - if you change your channel to something lower, it should reduce interference problems caused by nearby wireless networks.

    I don't think the livebox can be affecting your mobile as it uses a different frequency entirely either 900/1800/2100 depending on your network. Similarly I don't think the DVD player could be affected either. The most obvious test is simply to power down the Livebox for a couple of hours and see if the same problems still occur.

    Hope this helps,

    Hi. I ve had the same issue with the Orange Live box and a Thomson Wireless Adapter, the connection keeps going down. I ve decided to buy some new wireless equipment as the adapter/livebox not very well built equipment.

    Is there any way you could create a static IP between the 360 and the wireless livebox? If so then this might stop interference.

    A static IP would make no difference at all in terms of wireless performance - a machine automatically configured for dhcp will pick up the settings from the router and then keep them for a while even if the dhcp server is unavailable (obviously when the lease runs out, it will need to renew settings but this normally at least a day).

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