"Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network"?!?

Got a 3G S running 3.1.2 jailbroken - however, when I put in a vodafone sims card, it says:

"Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network"

Am I doing something wrong? tried resetting the network, but still cannot access the net. The signal indicator shows strong 3G signal though.


Think you need to enter the Internet settings manually, I'm guessing that the phone has no completed APN/Gateway settings... U should be able to google them or phone Vodaphone to find out what needs to be entered.

Go to settings - general - network - cellular data network

You probably have to change both cellular and mms apn, username and password for the appropriate network (google is your friend) bearing in mind that there are generally different APN for pay as you go and contract.

After a quick restart you should be golden.

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wow, thanks!

+rep both.

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Stuck between a rock and a hard place again.:oops: I have not forund a working solution yet anywhere for this new problem.

Using 3GS jailbroken is more complicated than I thought, first the 3G problem, later I it wasn't picking up my wifi - so I kinda decided to restore the handset, jailbrake it from scratch. Because I was only able to restore newer 3.1.3 through iTune, I thought resetting all the settings, and content on the phone is the same thing. As it turns out I was REALLY wrong.

When the restore finished, itune + usb icon showed up, and I tried to blackrain it - now the phone is stuck in some sorta loop. it would get stuck for about 10 mins with the jailbreaking image, then reboot to show the itune icon again. What can I do? (already tried to leave blackrain overnight - with no success)

Don't want to lose the unlock by getting 3.1.3 at all, but I'd probably have to do that anyway to have a usable phone. :?

Thanks in advance.

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any idea?

i used to get this all the time. sent it back to apple and replaced it.
Bought a blackberry before it got back tho so havent used it since.
annoying problem.
good luck with finding an answer!
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