Could somebody recoment me the best payg sim card, been a while since i used o2 payg which was best for free minutes etc, its for my kids so dont really want to get them a contract sim incase they go over there allowence

    as above best value payg sim card, not looking to spend more then 10 pound a month topping up as its for my 2 girls and there first phones

    many thanks


    Try Giffgaff

    Try the 321 sim from Three. 3p per minute, 2p per text, 1p per megabyte. Top up as and when you need.

    It depends on what they are going to use it for and how often. If they are light users and are not likely to use most of the allowance you get on some PAYG deals then I would recommend the Three 321 sim as monogram suggested. This is very cheap and doesn't expire, you also get 150mb data automatically when you top up which would be sufficient for a fair amount of general browsing and Facebook etc. before they even start using their credit.

    If they are heavier users, then I would recommend a Giffgaff sim because their goodybags offer fairly generous allowances for a decent price, however it expires after a month so you would have to keep renewing it so it would only be worth it if they would use most of the allowance each month.

    I'm not certain, but I think you can still buy an Orange sim card and choose one of their animal tarrifs which allow you to keep your top up and still provide you with an allowance each time you top up (different allowances depending on which animal tariff you choose), however, once the allowance runs out (either when used or after 30 days) their standard rates are rather extortionate.

    You could also consider a Tesco sim card which triples your credit each time you top up, so if you top up £10 a month they would have £30 credit to use, however, the bonus credit (£20) expires after a month.

    Hope this helps.
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    If you go with three they have some fairly reasonable one month only sim plans and you can get a 'cap' placed on the account so they can't use more than their allowance.
    The one month plan also means that you are not tied down and you can cancel at anytime

    Original Poster

    Originally i was hoping for a aim only contract until i read a horror story over on avforums the other night where someones kid had run up a near 300 quid bill, apparently the networks systems can take up to 72 hours to log what data has been used so the cap was useless

    Some pay as you go tariffs allow you to buy bundles which give more value if you use the allowance.
    I always thought capped tariffs were effective and was going to suggest that until I read the post above.
    T mobile once did a contract with allowance but extra spending had to be done via pay as you go vouchers. Can't remember the name and not sure if they still offer it
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