Could someone be kind enough to help me please? (Uploading Photos!!)

    I am trying to upload photos on my computer but i am using a different camera to normal but the computer won't have it!!
    Other half is at work otherwise he would help but he had time to tell me about needing to download the software??
    Oh i am really stuck!!
    The camera is a HITACHI HDC-571E
    If anyone could help then i would be really grateful!!
    Kelly x


    If you're using XP or Vista, it should at least pick it up as a storage device. Have a look in 'My Computer' and see if its showing an additional drive after the CD/DVD Drive. If you click on that, it should hopefully take you to a folder on the camera's memory card containing the pics

    How are you connecting it to the computer?

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    You Beauty!!! Thank you so much!!

    Your camera should have a setting that you can set to 'Mass Storage Device' then your PC will just recognise it as a normal USB memory device, if you have it on other settings then it might not connect properly as it will need the correct driver to access the full functions. Give it a shot and see if it works.

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    How are you connecting it to the computer?

    Sorted thank you!!:thumbsup:
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