Could someone help me understand what Quidco is?

    and will i really save money with quidco, if i join up! i dont understand it, but feel like im missing out!


    They pay you cashback for purchases completed when you visit on-line retailers throught quidco website for more info have a look here…ite

    btw topcasback is better

    Only if you buy a lot of things online from shops joining quidco..
    You have to pay around £5 annually.

    I got a cashback of £200+ this year.. obviously that means I spent over £1000 as well.. Nevertheless, it does save money

    join quidco. it costs £5 but only payable from your earnings.

    whenever you purchase an online product log into quidco first and search for the company in their menu. e.g travelodge.

    Go to travelodge via the quidco and after purchase this will track and then be paid into your quidco account. This can then be transferred to your bank account


    £0.39 from B&Q tracked on 21 Jun 10
    £5.00 from Snapfish received on 4 May 10
    £15.00 from LOVEFiLM DVD Rental received on 26 Apr 10
    £5.32 from Avis received on 15 Apr 10
    £6.00 from Photobox received on 15 Apr 10

    I was offered an hotel room through a booking site from quidco for £85 with a discount of 10%.
    I got the same room from another hotel booker for a straight £60....and with breakfast.
    You don't have to be a genius to see that there are better offers around

    Going through quidco often bumps the price up over what you could get from same supplier - car hire is one example.

    if your buying things from an online retailer then you may aswell use it. From just buying games, dvds etc i gathered £8 which is about the price of a dvd so its worth it. Plus if you purchase an expensive item you will get a nice amout of money (i.e i bought a laptop and got £15 cashback. very nice)


    they occasionally pay you cashback or make up excuses so they can keep it for themselves ime, especially for larger transactions which dissapear into the void that is someones bank balance

    So far, I have found Quidco great - bought car insurance which was £28.00 cheaper (Co-op) and just received my £70 cashback in last months payment to my Bank - so no problems from me!!

    Quidco is worth it if you still do comparisons first. Ie say you want a new hoover. Do the usual searches through Kelkoo etc for the cheapest company, then look on quidco and see if you can get any cash back with the cheaper companys.

    Quidco is best for insurance as they list lots of competitive companys and give cash back. I just did my pet insurance through them - Saved £140 for the year on what my usual company was charging and I got £40 cash back.

    Go with top cashback if your gonna join one, I had a good few things not track & also decline when queried in quidco but top cashback has been perfection everytime plus no fee.
    I also love the no spend section in top cashback.
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