Could someone knowledgeable please give me a television recommendation?

Found 15th Jun
Hello, I was wondering if I might be able to tap the wealth of knowledge collectively possessed by the frequenters of this forum. The situation is that I intend to purchase a new television to replace my current LG 49UB820V as it has unfortunately developed some, not too distracting, but occasionally noticeable vertical streaks of a slightly different colour, most evident on yellow backgrounds. I spent a good few months doing my research on televisions before purchasing this one but due to a worsening of a neurological disease with which I am afflicted I have been struggling to manage much perusing before burning out.

As far as my requirements go;

• Size: 49-55 inches is the range I'm ideally interested in. There's no real benefit to me of a 55 inch over a 49 inch but I'm not averse to 55 inches if there's a marked difference in the quality of a particular aspect of the television, i.e. reliability or HDR quality.

• Picture quality: 4K resolution and HDR are what I'm after as I'd like to be able to make the most of the 4K HDR content I have access to, primarily PS4 Pro games, but possibly films and television in the future. HDR has me a little confused as there are so many different terms I hear bandied about in reference to it, suffice to say, I wouldn't want to get something subpar.

• Panel Technology: OLED is unfortunately unsuitable for me as the screen-burn issues are likely to affect me as static images are not an uncommon occurrence on my television and not something I can do anything about(if I zone out I can lose track of time for up to multiple hours).

• Viewing Angle: Wide angle viewing is unnecessary.

• Input lag: Input lag's not too much of an issue as due to my neurological disease my own output lag makes it irrelevant.

• Calibration: I am useless for this. Due to the effects on my memory I cannot tell whether the difference between the first image and the following image is an improvement or not unless it's a drastic change. Consequently, either a very easy way to optimise the viewing experience that doesn't rely on me making judgements by eye or a decent out-of-the-box standard would be ideal.

• Audio: I've always made do with audio so it's not a massive problem as long as it doesn't sound like I'm listening to it through a telephone connection.

• Bells and whistles: All the upscaling software and motion software and user interface stuff and so on is where I need to rely heavily on any expertise you may have as I can't get my head round it despite many wasted hours of trying.

• Price: Obviously I'd like to pay the least for the most as would anyone, and would like to keep my expenditure to between £500 and £1000. I'm most interested in the value of what I'm getting, by which I mean that just because I've listed £1000 as my upper bounds doesn't mean I'm eager to spend that much, if it's a choice between a £1000 television and a £700 television that's exactly the same as the £1000 television except it's thicker and 5kg heavier I'd rather have the £700 one. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't want to go beyond the point of negligible returns..

• Longevity: I'd hope for this next television to last me a while, hence the reasonably high budget(in my opinion).

• Immediacy: There's no great rush for me to go out and get one right away so I don't mind waiting for sales as long as I know what to look for and ideally when I should be looking.

The television will be wall-mounted in a darkened room (I'm photosensitive as a result of the neurological disease).

And finally, thank you, to everyone who schlepped through reading this. Even if you don't have anything to add, thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that someone more knowledgeable than I is reading this and can offer me some advice. Thanks again, I need to have a little rest now, toodlepip.
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I did all this research and finally opted for the Sony XE9005 it’s Sony’s last year top of that price range and was selling for £1500 now is at £999 on JL
My decision was based on the fact that it has a full array of LED therefore local dimming is best over the XE85 and below. Regarding other brands, LG uses inferior panels and I’m not particularly a big fan of Samsung’s plasticky built and QLED didn’t rank very well on reviews due to Samsung’s forced color injection which makes images fake.
Sony’s software is quite poor but I mostly use my BT box and Amazon firestick.
I have had now for a week and don’t regret my decision at all.
The new model of it XF9005, is selling for £1600.
JL give you a 5 year warranty and 28 days after price match if it comes cheaper elsewhere.
I’m going to say Hisense over most others especially if looking for good pic, sound and features. They are now the worlds biggest tv manufacturer, even making sets and components for three of the big four. Just change the case for their sets and stick Sony, Panasonic badge on it and charge extra £500 due to brand recognition. Had my 4K HDR for over a year now and use my PS4 for hours on end when, like you I zone out. Just added a Ultra HD Blu-ray player to it last month and I can honestly say I’ve never had a better set up.
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