could someone please re-size this image

    rep will be given


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    resize it to what size?

    Re-size as in the height and width? Or do you need the file size smaller?

    Are you using XP on your PC? If so then go to and download the Powertoys for XP Image Resizer. It installs very easily and from then on when you right click on the icon for an image you can resize it to make it a smaller image. It will take you from a few MB to around 100-200KB or less if you want.


    Think a gif needs to be under 20kB to be used as an avatar on HUKD ? (both those above are 50+kB)

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    it needs to be under 19.5 kb

    Best I could do:- This should be ok now ?

    Or slower playing:-

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    thanks alot every one


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