Could someone recommend a low power computer to act as a plex server (cheap)

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Found 16th Dec 2014
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a cheap low power (as it will be always on) computer for a media server that'll run plex server.

I've seen nas drives and second hand computers on ebay but not sure what the best options are. I don't think a NAS will be powerful enough to transcode up to three streams but I'm not looking to spend a lot if possible.

Any help would be appreciated.



An HP Microserver is regularly recommended on here. I have one - cost about £110 after HP gave £50 cashback. They seem to sporadically offer cashback on them. I then put 4 x 3GB WD Red in them - that was the biggest cost but runs like a dream!

Yup a NAS won't be up for transcoding. I built a AMD APU Athlon 5350 based mini-ITX based PC for just that purpose. Cost about £180 including 4GB RAM, mini-ITX motherboard, case and a small SSD. My files are stored on a separate NAS but you could stick a decent sized hard drive in the build instead. Works a treat. Though I need to find another cooler as the stock AMD one is noisy as hell.

Atom C2750 8 cores and low power

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Transcoding multiple streams will require a powerful cpu and decent memory. This tends to mean low power options are limited and expensive.

If the Zotac Pico is ever released in the UK it could be good
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