Could someone with a Which sub get a review for me please?

Posted 1st Oct 2014
Sealy Napoli/Madeleine 1200 Pocket Collection Silver review.

I'd like to read a copy of the Which review without having to sign my soul away. I'd be really grateful if someone with a sub could get it for me.
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Only costs £1 for a trial membership? Cheap as chips...
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£1 for a months membership and 2 or 3 magazines ,save that and more if you get an unbiased view on just one item . Sadly on here you get very biased views on virtually everything . Cancel within a month after purchasing your item/s (as I did) and your soul will be safe - not even had any emails from them
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how much is it for a annual sub at which? thanks
The Sealy Napoli 1200 mattress - also known as the Sealy Madeleine 1200 - is part of Sealy's Pocket Collection range. For most people, this pocket sprung mattress will provide good support - but there are some exceptions. Keep reading our review to find out whether this mattress is for you, as well as how durable it is.

The Napoli 1200 impressed so much in our tests it reached our Best Buy benchmark. The majority of people will find it offers good support and it's also the most durable pocket sprung mattress we've tested.

What is it?
A soft pocket sprung mattress from Sealy.

What's it like to lie on?
If you like to sink into your mattress each time you lie down, this Sealy won't disappoint. It's very soft, and it will stay just as soft as when you first bought it for a long time.

It provides good support for most people and won't sag much over time compared with the other pocket sprung mattresses we've reviewed and rated.

It's breathable, so won't get damp with sweat.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
It won't provide good support if you're tall and like to lie on your back. And whatever your height, you may notice the mattress moving when a partner gets in and out.

Is there anything else I should know?
It's one of the least warm mattresses we've tested and it's also very soft. What makes a comfortable bed comes down to personal preference, but if you generally prefer a firm mattress or you're prone to getting chilly, you may want to look elsewhere.

Should I buy it?
Unless you're tall and sleep on your back, or don't want a soft mattress, this Sealy will serve you well. Make sure you try it out in the shop first to check that it feels comfortable to you.

Do you already own this mattress? If you do, click on the Customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Provides good support for most, doesn't sag, breathable

Cons: Doesn't support you well if you're tall and lie on your back, a bit too bouncy
Thank you so much for posting the review for me. It's much appreciated.

My library has physical copies of Which .
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