Found 3rd Jun 2009
real or not?

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If not, it's a shame. It's goregous.

looks nice,I'm holding out for a new one

looks huge


looks huge

Thats what I though, looks massive

Same size, just more screen.
I hope it is real, and fingers crossed we get a free upgrade from O2 again.

the porter;5391884

It looks cgi'ed

Looks nice if it's real, :-D

Doubt if it is though if you notice there the old style headphones & there is no mic on them?

I hope it's fake just because I hate the way mine gets flicked onto silent sometimes when it's in my pocket. I hoped that switch would be different.....

this may not be a real image but its based on all the leaked information so lets all keep our fingers crossed!!!

that is fake, cgi, you can see easily from the pic of the back


Looks good.

Its definitely real to those who believe it :thumbsup:

The truth is out there :-D

I like the look of it, I'll be very disappointed if there's no announcement on Monday.


care to explain stevie boy, you know I always believe your every … care to explain stevie boy, you know I always believe your every word..........................

Please step into the bedroom as this will be a private consultation Sparkle :-D


I'm a stepping - directions please:-D

Use the iphone!:-D


much too techno for me,lol

Grab hold of this and follow me!:w00t:

It wont be locked to O2 either, all the networks will have it ;-)


2 hands grabbing tightly, wait for me, before you shake,lol:p

Ohh, trim your nails next time!:lol:


I'm a stepping - directions please:-D

You'd be stepping into a throbbing world of pleasure Sparkle ;-)
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