Could you downgrade Sky packages and then upgrade to receive the offers and cashback?

Found 22nd Jun 2012
I've been recently paying around £75 per month for Sky TV, broadband and unlimited landline calls with line rental but I'm sick of constantly seeing half price or free deals for new or existing customers on lower packages.

This is why I was wondering if it's possible to downgrade and then upgrade to gain the offers, as well as the high cashback from companies like Quidco/Topcashback?
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You could try phoning them up and saying im thinking about going to virgin media, they might offer you discount
One deal that I spotted was £126.25 cashback to upgrade to Sky HD and unlimited broadband, plus you get HD free for 3 months (another £30.75) and I think you get free broadband for 6 months too (£45), which works out as £200 off for something that I'm already paying for.
just ring them, ask for customer rententions. then explain you will be leaving, they will ask why. tell them its cheaper elsewhere (make sure you have the facts) they then tend to give a cheaper deal
I spoke to them earlier and they said they can knock off £9 from my landline rental but they can't do anything with my TV package (£56) because I've already got 25% off on there and they can't put better offers while that's on.

I'm thinking of taking off Sky Sports anyway, as there's no footy on at the moment anyway and I haven't watched it since April anyway.

I am wondering if I can downgrade and then upgrade to get better deals though, as well as loads of cashback.
Just cancel go through with the cancellation and live without Sky for a month and by then you will have been hit with many offers from Sky and may even get the 75% off one. Just received one for free for 6 months then full price so effectively half price, have had the 75% one as well plus many half price variations. Get all my entertainment through netflix and the us broadcaster sites now so have not missed sky at all to tell you the truth.
Any channel cancellations or package cancellations require 28 days notice under contract. You can downgrade then re-upgrade to get better offers though. When you're initial year contract with them is up phone through to cancel and they usually offer you 3/6 months half price with extras etc.

Used to work for them.
I got 50% off the year before and then another 50% off for 6 months but they said there wasn't anything really available and the best thing I could get is 25% off for a year, which if that happens again, I will be cutting it off, as I don't want to pay nearly £70 to watch tv when I barely watch it these days but like having the option if I want to see something.
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