Could you get Orange Broadband for Free

I was looking to see if i could get a better broadband deal , i came across Orange who say their broadband is free with any Orange pay monthly mobile plan. I found a Pay monthly plan 36 months for £4.85 + 50 mins + 50 texts + free phone.
Would i be correct in asuming if you took out this plan, this would make you an Orange customer and entitle you to free home broadband .
Seems to good to be true as this would mean Home Broadband for £4.85


I am pretty sure it is £15 and above for free BB

plus check you're in the right area or its like £8 extra. we are outside of the orange zone so had to add £8 to any package we wanted so we didn't bother in the end!

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It appear i'm also outside the area and £7.83 extra . Thanks


It appear i'm also outside the area and £7.83 extra . Thanks

PLEASE for your own sake don't get Orange broadband. Get O2, even if you are outside network coverage. £50 Quidco and first 2 months for free, plus genuine unlimited usage. it is by far a better quality of service.


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