could you please tell me, If I were to set up a thread just for orange wednesday codes what would I need to do to make it like the Quidco one, where mods move posts to it?

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Found 1st Jul 2009
as above

soz if should be in feedback


Lol, I thought this earlier after seeing about 6 threads for the codes, would be good to have one thread where everyone could go to give/receive codes.

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mbgringo;5638619 - this worked well . . . . . not . . . . .

blinking nora, sorry, I did a search too :?

so how do we get the mods to move requests to that one??

hmmm maybees i'll message them


blinking nora, sorry, I did a search too :?

lol, don't say sorry :lol: good idea if people could be directed as you mention though :thumbsup:
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