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Hi I have found out that I can reduce my council tax bill as I'm a single parent on a low income. My problem is that this wasn't well advertised and I have found out I have overpaid by £60 per month for four years. Is there anyway I can claim some of that money back. They say that they only take you claim from the day that you approach them. Anyone know if there's any cases of people claiming back or how to go about it. Thanx.


I've no idea about backdating it, but I do know that if your the only adult in the home,you get a 25% discount off your bill.

I'm sure I got a cheque from them when I applied for single person discount as I had to say when I began living alone and the payment was about 105 quid I think not much about 2 months overpayments

I might be wrong as I can't really remember as it was a while ago

sorry I couldn't be more help

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I just think it's so unfair I have struggled to pay the council tax every month and apart from my mortgage it's m biggest bill. And that's with the 25% discount. I agree they can charge you for as long back as they wish but we can not claim retrospectively. It stinks. I didn't know that if you were on a low income you can get another reduction. I have always paid my way nvr claimed and now I am actually entittled to something I can't get anything back. There's people who have nvr paid into the system claiming left right and centre and I've paid in for 26 yrs. Sorry rant over lol x
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