Council TAx Credit/Rebate If Wife is A Housewife?

Found 24th Jun 2008
If your parnter eanrs nothing as a housewife does. Are you able to get a discount on your council tax?

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No, it depends on what you earn.

So if you are working and on a fairly average wage, you will get nothing.
be a student u get 25% off
just go and sign up and get council tax exemption form.
find out more from your local council.
Have you checked to make sure you have the right Council Tax banding ?
Mine was wrong & I am waiting for my cheque to arrive now ...........
do you mean as in you have one income? if so as far as i know it is means tested you will qualify if your wife is on a low income?
nope unless your wife is in receipt on JSA or such like you get nothing.
if there is only one person living at an address they can get a reduced rate - but if your salary is good it does not matter if your wife doesnt earn a living
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