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my partner has just decided to tell me that we got behind (prob missed a few payments) and he got a letter saying the debt had been sold on to a debt collector and they want the whole year in full, so he told them we could pay £200 a month till its paid off but they said we would have to pay £360 then 2 * £200, as they would only spead it out over 3 months, but we might be moving out in the next few months, i didnt know that they would sell it on, but as we want to move this seems stupid anyone know what we can do? im not moving house to pay for the year again, obv we are going to phone the council tomorrow but just wondering if anybody knew anything, or been in a similar situation

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Been there, done this!! The agency will charge and eventually send baillifs. You will have to pay or they will seize items from your home.

My advice is to phone the Council first thing Monday, although it is most likely too late now. If you are moving the credit from your previous council tax will transfer to new property, of if moving out of the area you can claim it back.

They usually insist on three months but can be pushed to accept longer periods, you would be better enlisting a good citizens adviser or welfare rights worker. They have a better chance of getting a longer time frame for you, good luck. The council can make an arrangement with you but again are more likely to help if you have a good adviser.


if this debt has been passed onto a debt agency you need to make arrangements with the agency, never heard of the council tax doing this thought, i did not know they sold debts, i thought they just took you to court, very strange

Many councils are passing their problems onto debt agencies it ahs a higher success rate, and its quicker. They all got into trouble a few years back for not collecting all the due tax and this seems to be their solution.

It's all rubbish, don't let them threaten you or intimidate you with these massive repayments, it's not as bad as they make it sound.

Phone them up tell them that your happy to pay the debt off as you admit it is yours and you would like to arrange a repayment plan, tell them what you can pay and over what period for example £80 pcm for 12 moths or £10 a week for 36 weeks etc

The only reason they will be trying to make you repay it over 3 months is the agent that is phoning you wants the bonus from it asap. The way it works is the collectors in the call centre's have targets, when they hit those they get a bonus and then extra again for every level above that they hit. They just want you to pay extra every month up until xmas so they have a nice bonus to do their xmas shopping with.

Don't call the council anymore as hey have old your debt, whatever you do don't get the council to take it back. The reason for this is a £500 debt to the council is worth £500 but they will sell that for a fraction of that price to a debt collection agency (anything from 10% - 90% of the value) which leaves you room to negotiate a discount. Every debt collectors will offer you a discount on the debt usually the best ones are for settlements in full, I used to work for Cabot financial and regularly offered customers a discount of 80% of their debt. as a minimum I would offer 15% to everyone I phoned and was polite to me.

Just be nice when you phone them, bear in mind that they are only doing their job and the nicer you are to them the nicer they will be to you (discount on your debt)

Also good to point out that sometimes they will give you a good discount if you can pay on the day that you ring.

i have £70 which somehow wasn't paid last year now it has gone to the baliffs and they want £370
warning to everyone never never never fall behind on council tax

try your best to catch up even if you will be a little skint for the month
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