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    So my friend has just started work, so pleased for her. Was unsure about whether she would get help with council tax, she will get working tax credit as shes a single mother with 2 young children. Can see a 25% reduction online because of single residency, but im sure i heard somewhere there would be extra help?


    Tell her to fill in whatever forms she can get from the Council Office. In the end the council decide, so they might as well read through a form to help them along the way.

    i'm a working single mum and you can't get any help with council tax once you go over 16 hours work i think it is - there are usually advisors at the job centre for us single parents who will work out what you can get (and can't get!!) however when you are over 16 hours there are more things you can get like working tax credit, child tax credit and for the 1st year in work there is a subsidy of £40 a week which helps a helluva lot - tell her to get down the jobcentre and see an advisor who will fill in all the pesky forms for her.

    I was a single male on 25.000 a year and i got a 25% reduction in council tax in the east yorkshire area, My advice is to ring your council up. i guess each region may have it's own benifits system.…TAL


    I was a single male

    What's changed; marital status or sex? :thinking:

    Council Tax Benefit is means tested and as helcatamy1 says once you get 16 hours a week you normally go over a bracket but you may still be able to get some help with it. Talk to job centre plus to make sure you are claiming what you can.

    lol now have kids, married less money and paying more council tax lol

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    Thanks all for your advice, it doesn't look like she can get any council tax benefit apart from the 25% reduction, she does work more then 16 hours per week, thanks again for all your replies

    it depends how much she earns not on how many hours ,,,, i work part time for 20 hours a week ,, in receipt of wtc and ctc ,, and still get help with council tax and my rent ... her best bet is to go and get all the forms and fill them in and see what happens ,,, but it def goes on how much she is bringing home with all benefits and child maitenance ,,,
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