Council tax moving out of a home

Posted 27th Aug 2010
Say if my council tax runs from 27th of each month and I was moving out on the 12th of the next month... would I receive any money back or will I still be paying the full amount for that month?

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Are you going to be reponsible for paying council tax at the new property? if so just contact the local council and it will carry on from what you have paid already.

I am not sure what would happen if you are not going to paying council tax elsewhere, I very much doubt you would would get a partial month refund.
hi not to sure how it works but ive just moved house on the 28th july and i paid my council tax on the 8th of each month at my old property, i rang to tell them i had moved then a couple of weeks later i received a payment of £160 back from the council.
Well I am currently with one district council and would more than likely be moving to another, so...
Call and find out?
i think if you have paid for a month then move half way through then you should get something back, but not 100% sure, i wasnt expecting anything as i presumed it would just carry on in my new property so it was a nice surprise when i noticed it had gone in my bank.

Call and find out?

Thats crazy talk!!!
you definitely get refunded - ONLY - if you've over paid for the current property. They can takes weeks to process, so if you know your moving date well in advance then tell them straight away, you may have a refund back before you move out. I've moved 3 times in the last two years and gotten refunds each time.
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