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Found 14th Jun 2010

I need to stay in a bedsit for 5 nights ie sun night to thurs night in surrey.I'll only be there for 2 monthes .
the other nights Ill be in my home where i already pay council tax in london
Do I need to pay council tax for the bedsit ? Its a converted flat above a garage?

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Probably because your house is still habitable.


well does the bedsit come with a council tax bill, surely the people you are renting off will tell you if its payable

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the bedsit is above a garage which is part of the property they own
They are questioning themselves if I have to pay as I'm a temporary worker to the area and not permantly staying there ie only for 2 monthes and within that for 5 nights only .
Im aware and fine to pay for council tax in london but its the surrey place im question

is it attached to their property?

you are best off ringing the council to check the bill is being paid or not for that property. when i got the keys to my new place i still had a months contract on my old place. explained this to council and i only had to pay 1 lot of tax as was mainly living in 1 of them not equally living in both. if that makes sense.

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hi thanks for the replies - the garage is on their property not attached -
will ring both council offices today thanks


best check with owners they dont mind you ringing council as they may not have proper planning for a bedsit above a garage that is to be rented as habitable accommodation.
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