Countdown when launching spacecraft

Found 17th Nov 2009
Wonder if anyone can help confirm if this is true or not...

The wife said she heard somewhere that when NASA do their official countdown when launching they skip the number 5....i.e....10, 9, 8, 7, 6, , 4 etc...she said she heard this is because 5 sounds like the number 9

Can't seem to find anything on google to help confirm or deny

Anyone help shed any light??!!

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NASA use the number 5 when counting down, however I do know that a lot of demolition & explosives guys miss out the number for the reason given by your wife.
i thought they skipped the number 5 because it sounds like Fire ?
I was sat ere thinking 5 doesn't sound like 9 to me lol
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Thanks for those!!

I was sat ere thinking 5 doesn't sound like 9 to me lol

Sorry, yeah, I was reading too fast & though that the OP had written 'fire' not 'nine'.
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Thanks for all your help, good answers,all makes sense now!
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