Counter Srike source steam key

    Is it possible to get 1 of these for free? as Iv got the game but to play online with mates I need a Steam cd key of some sort, anyone help me out here?


    Sure! Just drop big Gabe an email, he'll give you all the keys you need!

    why not buy the game

    Original Poster

    because iv downloaded the game in full version

    did you download it from steam then or is it a pirate copy, as you have no code i presume its a pirate copy you downloaded

    Original Poster

    Pirate Copy:)

    then you wont get a code will you.


    then you wont get a code will you.

    Hes not the smartest, see his previous threads

    Theres a guy on eBay selling Half life 2 with the counter strike game included for £8-75...

    He goes by the name of 2550tim.....might be worth buying the game?

    Mine should be due pretty soon!
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