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    I'm looking to buy counter-strike source but I can't find any good deals. I'm requesting it comes with a installation CD along with the serial.

    Thanks in advance.


    why not get it from steam? problem is you wont get a cd like u asked for -obviously.

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    Pretty much. I'd prefer to have the installation CD as it's more convenient for me. If I can't find it for around £15 I guess i'll end up getting it from steam.

    Don't buy it from Steam it's a ripoff, if you do you'll also pay VAT because Steam is sold from US.

    Ebay it for £5 (You just need to buy HL2). just make sure the guy selling it to you will either give you his steam account or a CD with a serial key they haven't registered to steam yet.

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    I just popped over to ebay and it sounds to me like you're right. It's a great place to get it from. Thanks

    Just one thing, could you expand on what you mean by "(you just need to buy HL2)" please? I'm slightly confused.

    If you buy Half Life 2 (The game) Counterstrike online comes with it because as far as I know CSS is a mod of HL2. (I'm not sure whether it's true if you BUY a HL2 online invite on steam - whether CSS will come with that though). But for sure if you buy the boxset it will have a serial number that will allow you to register CSS on your Steam Account.

    Why buy CSS for ridiculous amounts of money when you can buy HL2 and get BOTH HL2 and CSS

    Counterstrike will also be included if you say, buy Half Life Generation boxset or the Orange Boxset if you want more games along with CSS.…e_2
    Half-Life 2 was released without a multiplayer component, and was instead packaged with Counter-Strike: Source.[22] This changed on November 30, 2004, when Valve released the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch component on Steam for US$9.95.

    Also make sure you keep the DVD/CD box for HL2/CSS because if you ever lose access to your account/forget your password/email Steam will ask you to write on it to prove you're the legal owner.

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    Thanks very much for that information!!
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