Counterfeit Note Detector Pen

    Does anyone know where I can could pick up a fake bank note detector pen off the high street? Need it quickly so can't afford to wait for delivery. Checked at Maplin but they have no stock within 100 miles according to their website. Obviously I'll call them tomroow but just looking for alternatives now.

    Should have thought about this before I offered my car for sale - the guy's coming with cash over the weekend and I want to make sure the notes are legit.

    Much appreciated.


    Tried the local pound shop?

    i know our poundland have some.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. Got one from Staples - I didn't even know I had a local one before this!!


    still check for the metal strip and watermark, as a die can be bought to wash counterfeit notes in to circumvent those pens…tml
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