County Court advice please

    I am helping my father defend a case where the Claimants have failed to pay the court fee on time (a week ago) and the matter should have been struck out according to the hearing letter received. Despite pointing this out to the court by telephone the case is still listed and the court are saying we still need to attend. I really do not want to take time off work if the hearing will not ultimately take place but the court staff don't seem to be bothered. Any advice as to what I can do?

    Also can we claim reasonable costs for all the time we have spent on this matter?

    Any advice gratefully accepted.


    Speak to cab or does your work offer an employee assistance phone number? Best to get professional help in the long run

    Is it a small claim or a fast track claim and if the latter is the fee that they have failed to pay the listing fee.

    really need some further info before making further comments.

    Not much info, but never skip county court, it will not go in your favour.

    doesn't make any sense. are you saying that the defendant had been issued with a court order and has not paid it?

    I'm no professional, but I thought that a court won't automatically strike out a claim if one side breaches something, but rather at that time the other side can apply to have it struck out.

    But courts do have an area of discretion and if one side is slightly late they will still allow it if it's within reason. Also they are a bit more lenient for people without any legal representation

    Also there are certain rules as to what costs you can claim in court. I think it depends on the type of claim and the amount of money being claimed
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