Couple of Cex Questions

    Thinking about selling two phones to them as having no luck on here or eBay.

    One was locked to tmobile but is now unlocked, still has the branding though, will this make a difference?
    Also missing the headphones.

    The other the box has been a bit squashed, it's still all fine though.

    Was just wondering if this would have an impact?



    Yeah if stuff is missing they will normally drop the price they pay you as they mark the phones down as grade a/b/c quality

    Have you had a look on sites like mazuma mobile to see how much they pay as u only need to send them the handset

    Dont trust CEX to give you a fair price - they will use any excuse to knock the value down - even if the phone is brand new and unopened they'll just pay you less and refuse to deal with you. I sold them a brand new unmarked phone and ended up having to sue them through the small claims court to get the full value - though they soon paid up once I issued proceedings against them
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