couple of days ago a john lewis blatant glitch appeared on here...

the site were selling office365 software for 39.95 but the site was bundling it with top spec laptops at same price. it was on this site for about 5 seconds before being trashed as spam but i went and had a look and, for a laugh, purchased the lenovo b550 i5 with coffee-making facilities and a sdd hover board (or something) plus office software for 365... fully expecting it to be cancelled but hoping it would slip by, as in fabled hukd history...

got an acknowledgement email listing the bundled deal exactly but at office-only price and they then deducted the charge from my paypal account and delivered... just the software. the invoice is just for the software. so, aside from me being a right ol' chancer, where do i and john lewis stand if they have confirmed the glitch via achnowledgement email and then 'completed the transaction at the glitch cost but amended the delivered product?

i know john lewis a the lovlier of the retail outlets but do i have a case against them to honour the purchase contract?

and did anyone else chance this?


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oh, i am soooo slow!

ta, ever so, mods?
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