Couple Of Free Games (360, PS2 etc) - Winners Announced :)

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Found 20th Feb 2009
Have just moved house and have plenty of items which need a new home. I've got several promo games which I'm never likely to play again and don't really feel like selling as I got them for free. If you are interested add your name or whatever - I'll randomly choose the names on Monday evening and post free of charge on Tuesday to the 'lucky' few! All I'd ask is that when you have played them you do something similar rather than profit from them...

Games :

Black (PS2) x 2
Fight Night Round 3 (PS2)
Import Tuner Challenge (360)
Prison Tycoon (PC)

If you only fancy Import Tuner Challenge can you please state that - I'm guessing more are after a 360 title!


I hereby wish to enter the draw, yours,

my son fancies prison tycoon!! thanks:-D

That's really generous of you... could I add my name to the draw, please?

Many thanks,

Edit: Would be interested in all bar the PC game, thanks

Could I add my name for Import Tuner Challenge?
Nice gesture.

Can i be in it please

Me too!

Original Poster


my son fancies prison tycoon!! thanks:-D

All the way from America - fun game too (even better for free :p)

I guess if you state what you are interested in it makes it easier for me to create a list in excel to randomly choose from :thumbsup:

very nice of you! if you dont mind i'd like to enter my name for all bar the PC games as my son doesnt have one. appreciate the offer.thanks alot!

EDIT: I'll enter for import tuner if it make its easier

yes please


can i be in the draw for Import Tuner Challenge (360) and Prison Tycoon (PC)
i want to tret prisoners how they should be treated, non of this holiday camp ****

thank you

Yes please.

Even though I probs won't win, have some rep anyway for being generous.

Could you add me for Import Tuner Challenge.

Many thanks!

can u add me to the draw for black...

thank you

Put my name in the hat for import tuner, black and prison tycoon please.:)


Yes Please mate. Cheers very generous of ya

id liketo be in the draw for fight night for my son please


Me please :viking:

I'd like to be in the draw for each please mate =)

please could i enter the draw for Prison tycoon and import tuner

Put me in for the xbox 360 game please, even tho I am up against it
Have some rep.

Merci Bucket bud

I'll be entering for import tuner pretty please


Could you put me in for Import tuner challenge and Prison tycoon please
Have some rep

hi please add me to your draw would like import tuner if i am lucky thanks

could i add my name for xbox 360 import tuner

Please enter me as well for either PS2 or Xbox ones. Thanks.

can i please go in the draw for
Import Tuner Challenge (360)
Prison Tycoon (PC)
thanks, rep left

Wouldn't might fight night for PS2

Yes please

Import Tuner Challenge please


I'm only after Black (PS2) please - was just reading earlier today how good it is

im down for this

Stick me down for some import tuner goodness please old bean



Put my name in the hat for import tuner, black and prison tycoon please.:)

Could i got in for the pc tycoon and the 360 tuner please :thumbsup:


Name - KaPows

Import tuner for me please!!!

many thanks

any game would make me happy

can I put my name down for Import Tuner Challenge please

any of the ps2 games would be great.
i hope you enjoy you new home
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