Couple of freebies

    Going to post office tommorow, I know it's not a lot of notice, but if I get a more than a few posts I will make a random draw.

    Fifa 09 ps3 game
    Fifa 10 - ps3 game
    HTC Desire brownish/red case
    Apple Ipod Dock


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    I'll be in for FIFA 10 please.

    in for the ipod dock please!

    I'd love to be in for the Desire case if possible?

    Thank you.

    would be happy with any of them as i got a ps3 n a desire. dw if not

    very nice of you

    In for the dock please

    In for Fifa 09 please chap ^_^

    Just bought a new ps3, no games get. AND my ipod dock is broke.

    Cheers mate.

    in for fifa 10 (and dock unless thats reeeeele cheeky lol) thanks for comp

    Really nice of you OP.

    EDIT: I'm not asking for any of the items, just want to say you're doing a nice thing.

    Fifa 10 I'd have

    fifa 10 draw please

    Fifa 10 please

    FIFA 10 please. Very kind and generous nice one.

    ipod dock pls x


    Ipod dock please i no im probably a bit late you absolute lad !!!

    i think you need to get out more unless i win x

    In for fifa 10 plz

    im in for fifa 10 or the dock

    ipod dock pls x

    In for FIFA 10 here. Very generous offer OP.

    im in for fifa 09 please!

    ipod dock please and ty

    ill go in for all lol,very generous op
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    One more for the ipod dock pleaseee

    In for FIFA 10 please.

    I'm for fifa 10, Nice1 BC09!

    Whoa im up for the lot lol greedy but Fifa 10 would be great

    iPod dock if it's not too late please!

    iPod Dock Plz

    IN for the Ipod dock Good work on doing this!

    In for fifa 10 plz hun thx

    Hello..I would be interested in the IPOD dock please.

    Thank you x
    Edited by: "cheztaz" 25th Jan 2011

    I'll put me name in for anything please fifa 09 first if I had to choose

    Could I put my name in for the ipod dock, please, if I'm not too late.
    Thank you.

    in for any of the fifa games.

    I bet half of you don't even own a PS3 or HTC phone.I have a free banana skin , does anyone want it.

    BTW nice gesture OP.

    ipod dock for my daughter please op x

    can i be in the draw for the desire case please
    i had a leather slip case off ebay but it was cheap and the inside cloth to protect the phone came out

    oh and the other offer, is the banana skin pure yellow or the earlier version of green?
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